Why compliance will always be at the heart of this business

How we manage our business has a direct impact on our staff, our clients and our candidates. Doing things the right way is the only way. The peace of mind and confidence that comes from due diligence can be measured right down to our bottom line.

So when it was Admiral Recruitment’s turn to be audited as part of the Home Office’s crack-down on immigration and illegal workers, we welcomed the opportunity to show that we have rigorous compliance procedures in place.

A group of Home Office auditors came of our offices in June this year to inspect over 10,000 files for good practice, irregularities or points of improvements. After a full day’s inspection, not only were our Compliance & HR teams congratulated but Chief Officer Gigotti went on to praise the quality of service and level of rigorous compliance procedures in place as “ a solid on boarding process and one of the best in industry at present”.

Officer Capleton echoed this by saying “the system at Admiral is advanced, modern and well- established clearly by a very experienced team”.

Our commitment to providing well-vetted staff to our clients is on-going via modern and advanced vetting procedures to ensure that we meet all legal requirements.

Reputation is everything in this business. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

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