Great recruiters make happy clients. Quite simply, we love what we do.

Recruitment needs to be bespoke, detailed and specific. It needs to be articulate, confidential and managed by trustworthy and experienced consultants. 

At Admiral Recruitment we have the in-house experience, the industry contacts, expertise and knowledge within each of our specialist divisions to do just that. 



I grew up the youngest of a very large Irish family. My brothers and sisters were all sporty and extremely competitive which definitely ignited my passion for sport and competition. My parents always taught us “put our heads down, work hard and always do what you love”.

I started Admiral at 26 years old, determined and stubborn against defeat. My sheer love of people, getting it right and achieving the unachievable has been challenged every day but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  The tough days make the great days great!

I definitely love what I do and my success today is due to working with the most amazing, energetic people who put the wind in my sails. I’m lucky enough to have seen so many of these amazing people grow to achieve there goals and dreams which is so rewarding.

Live, laugh and love 

James davies

To say I am passionate about Wales and Rugby some say is an understatement. I wear rugby socks 7 days a week and my password is the entire welsh national anthem 1. I probably need to change that now!

I just love my country and Rugby and that’s why I spend my weekends officiating RFU (English rugby) games. It's not quite Welsh standard, but it does the job.

I’ve been with Admiral for over 11 years now and in that time I have been lucky enough to open and grow our Ealing office and team into the success they are today.


 I’m pretty sure a lot of this is due to my Rugby Management style, always pushing my team to give it one more “Try”! 



My spare time revolves around looking at my fantastic trainer collection, being the daddy to 2 mental dogs and father to 2 children, in that order. As you can probably imagine I have an awesome, very patient and understanding wife (thank you!)

Many moons ago I started my career as a chef and I always saw a career move focusing on chef recruitment as a natural progression for me. I had been planning my exit from the kitchen for a couple of years and when the chance came to prove myself came I jumped at the chance. I love that in my role I’m known as the “go to guy” for chef recruitment and still get to hang out in the kitchens of some of the most exciting and acclaimed restaurants in the industry, but between me and you being invited to all the pre opening dry runs and previews is the real reason I’m here!

I still like to cook although now it’s mainly “glory cooking” at our regular dinner parties we host to showcase my trainers to our friends, dogs, you can really see the passion in their eyes when they see them


 I am the youngest of 4 boys, so I am well versed at getting noticed and making myself heard when I need to. Anyone who knows me will confirm my alter egos include, “the joker”, “the cheeky one” and “the naughty one”.

​Outside of work I love to the see the world and travel. My motto is “I will try everything once” which honestly, I haven’t come to regret yet! I am a huge fan of wildlife and have been fortunate to get up close and personal in the wild with a variety of amazing creatures; Blue Whale, Great White Shark, Leopard and a Koala to name a few. 

I also live for my music and films!  I see live shows every chance I get and have an in depth knowledge of the genre that usually comes in handy at quizzes.

I have been involved with hospitality for nearly 20 years and Recruitment for the last 13. I find it easy to talk to people and build relationships, I get along with everyone and people like the fact I am someone they can trust.

rasmus sorensen 

Outside of work I am a “normal” father of 2, however you wouldn’t guess by looking at me as I look like an 18-year-old boy when I'm clean shaven. 

My favourite saying is “it’s not about the winning!” which is probably because I am an Arsenal fan. I definitely like to run due to my Arsenal fan status as it helps me clear my mind, relax and sometimes even helps me forget the way they played the day before.

My work has revolved around the hospitality industry (which I love) for over 10 years and with Admiral for over 5 years. At the end of the day I am a proactive and driven recruiter who just likes to have fun!

chantelle mensah

I'm a twin (practically identical) a Gemini, and a known rebel; however, I really don't know why I’m known as the naughty twin? School wasn’t really my thing so I spent a lot of my classes, hanging outside school "being cool" (oh, that's why I was the naughty twin).

As a legit foodie, I love everything from a cheeky Nando’s and trendy pop ups to fine dining restaurants. Any excuse to eat great food and socialise!

I have a big family with 3 half brothers and 2 smart as hell sisters. My twin is a qualified physiotherapist (she didn’t get all the brains though) and my younger sister is a law graduate.

When I was thinking about a career, recruitment never was a thought until I joined an agency to help me find a job. I was just a number to them and decided I could do their job better so decided to start from the bottom to get myself in. I joined Admiral as a receptionist and now after only 7 years I’m proud to say I’m a Client Service Director.